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Santipur Municipality is the second oldest Municipality in West Bengal. This Municipality was established in 1853. The First Chairman of Santipur Municipality was Iswar Chandra Ghoshal. At that time there was no Vice-Chairman of the Municipality. The Chairman and two Commissioners named Sri Krishna Ballav Pramanik and Sri Shib Chandra Paul were in the first Board. Subsequently several reputed and renowned persons of Santipur adorned the post of Chairman of the Municipality.

The renowned poet Nabin Chandra Sen was the Chairman of Santipur Municipality from 4th June, 1894 to 3rd May, 1897. From 1st October, 1853 to 12th April, 1911 and onwards the entire chairman were elected.

All the resolutions of the Board of Councilors of Santipur Municipality from 1st October, 1853 to up to this date have properly been preserved and lying in the Municipality.

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